RISE is an organization based on three basic beliefs:

  1. Human potential is far greater than we realize
  2. We have the ability to influence events and outcomes and we participate in shaping our reality
  3. We have opportunity to harness our untapped power and focus it toward the collective good


A world where all citizens in our global community, grow to understand their true potential and learn to use it for the collective greater good


To realize, develop, and expand the limits of human potential, and share our discoveries to create a more conscious and spiritually connected world.

We accomplish this by:

Researching and experimenting with human potential to perceive and influence events beyond the generally understood limits of proximate space and time and applying these efforts to solve problems in novel and/or previously impossible ways.

Developing collaborative communities bringing together divergent groups of people to create common goals and share unique perspectives and abilities and achieve mission oriented objectives for the greater good.

Sharing the collective knowledge and insight we gather and educating as wide and audience as possible

Organizing members, methods, and technologies to influence global events in a manner serving the greater good of humanity through technological, social, humanitarian and compassionate means.

Restoring belief in human potential and breaking down barriers on the path to reaching it.